Minecraft Player Builds A Huge Cyberpunk-style City And It’s Unbelievable

Minecraft is one of the most-played games in the whole world, always inspiring its players to keep creating new worlds, buildings and terrains.

One of the most impressive builds we’ve seen in a long time has come from a Chinese Minecraft player by the name of AZTTER, who’s tirelessly worked to create a cyberpunk-style world in the game.

Credit: AZTTER


Over on Twitter, Josh Ye shared the following images and video, encouraging everyone to check out just how damn impressive this feat is.

The city, which features huge buildings, bright neon lights and basically everything from the first Bladerunner movie, has absolutely blown away players of the game who are praising the build as pure art.

It wasn’t an easy task though, and apparently took a year to build. As any seasoned Minecraft player knows, it’s pretty tricky to get the modded lights to run smoothly, so we can’t even begin to imagine just how may hours were put into this project.

One impressed fan on Twitter even compared it to the likes of Final Fantasy. Wonder if the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 was of any inspiration too…?


Credit: CD Projekt Red

Check out the video in full here.

Huge props to builder AZTTER for this absolutely breathtaking creation. Is this the best Minecraft build you’ve ever seen?

Credit: Mojang