New Details On Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Reveal ‘The Dark Times’ After Order 66

If you thought Respawn Entertainment had its hands full with free-to-play battle royale, Apex Legends, then you might want to think again.

Respawn has confirmed that it’ll be showing off a first glimpse of the upcoming Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order later this week, and we already know a little bit about the highly-anticipated title.

Credit: EA

The new Star Wars game is currently in development by a team led by Vince Zampella, and Game Director, Stig Asmussen. If those names sound familiar to you then you’ll be pleased to know it’s thanks to Apex Legends, the game that everyone loves to love.

According to reports, Jedi Fallen Order follows a young Padawan in the Dark Times, the period that follows Order 66 (otherwise known as Clone Protocol 66).

Credit: EA/Disney

If you haven’t brushed up on your Star Wars knowledge recently, Order 66 is a secret group created to outlaw Jedis as traitors to the Galactic Republic.

The game reveal will take place April 13, as confirmed by EA in a tweet accompanied with the phrase: “Don’t stand out.”

Although some players are worrying about EA’s hand in the game’s development thanks to a spate of unsuccessful games (Anthem, Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront 2, just to name a couple), there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon.

In an interview with GameInformer earlier this year, Apex Legends Executive Producer Drew McCoy said EA “had no hand in development or anything about this game.”

Credit: Respawn Entertainment/EA

Of course, that’s Apex and this is Jedi Fallen Order, a much larger franchise with a lot more bearing on it. But hopefully the same is true for Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is expected to launch towards the end of 2019. Will it be on your wish list this year?

Featured Image Credit: EA/Respawn Entertainment