New Doom Lets You Invade Other Players Campaigns And Mess With Them 

QuakeCon 2018 gave us our first look at some of the gameplay from the new Doom title, Doom Eternal, and it’s gotten fans very excited.

Along with the gorgeous graphics reveal, we were also treated to some information about how the game actually works, and it sounds like there’s going to be a lot of ways to bring impending doom in the brand-new Doom. 

According to the Doom QuakeCon panel, Doom Eternal will be giving players a lot more freedom to do what they like…if what they like is to cause havoc for other players. 

Developers id Software confirmed that you’ll be able to take control of demons, team up to form a “slaying hunting party” and “invade” other players’ games. 

The multiplayer mode will also allow for 1v1 play if a team of slayers isn’t really your jam, and it was hinted at that this won’t be the only way that Doom Eternal allows for multiplayer. 

Exciting stuff!

Marty Stratton of id Software told his audience that the new addition to the Doom franchise wants to incorporate a lot more lore, history and backstory, confirming that the aim is to build “a Doom universe” instead of just a new game. 

Doom’s fancy new 2016 version of the original classic exceeded the expectations of fans all over the world, giving one of gaming’s most beloved titles a well-deserved AAA experience. 

Check out a snippet of gameplay from the upcoming title below. 

YouTube video

Doom Eternal doesn’t yet have an official release date, but it looks like we can expect it in the latter half of 2019. 

Keep your calendar open! 

QuakeCon 2018 also gave us a look at other upcoming titles, including Bethesda’s highly-anticipated Fallout 76, which is due to release in November this year.

The Fallout panel revealed there’s going to be some pretty harsh punishments for any griefers in the online multiplayer game, including becoming a wanted criminal and having a bounty put on your head.

Read all about the latest Fallout info from QuakeCon right here.

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