New Medieval Battle Royale Game Has You Fight With Swords And Shields

2018 has seen more battle royale games than we could ever have asked for, and in such a saturated market if you’re a battle royale dev then your game really needs to stand out from the crowd…

Enter Valhall, an upcoming title that’s getting a lot of love (and dollar) on IndieGoGo.

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Developer Blackrose Arts writes on the crowdfunding page: “You are one of the survivors from the last battle of Odin’s army.

“The best of Odin’s warriors came back to retrieve the sword of Odin. It possesses power over all natural forces that will be enough to stop Ragnarök.

“You are going to fight with others for the right to possess the sword and save Midgard from a complete destruction.”

This first-person (or third-person, if that’s how you prefer to play) battle game will encourage a bit of creativity in its gameplay, with parkour encouraged to have you survive the map which is “constantly crumbling away.”

Weapon-wise you’ll be battling it out with a range of traditional medieval weapons. Axes, swords, bows and shields are all available in the map, which is definitely going to make things a bit more interesting if you’re sick of more traditional gun-focused battle royales.

The title is now in its second round of funding after absolutely smashing its initial goal. Right now the funds are about 65% of the way there, with this second round of funding aiming to perfect and widen the in-game world.

Right now you can pledge $15 and nab yourself the title when it releases in full on Steam. Pledges run anywhere from $1 (getting you recognised in-game) to a huge $1000 which will give you your own Personal Armor Set.

Check out Valhall’s IndieGoGo page right here and let us know what you think. Have we had too many battle royale games, or is this one going to be the new Fortnite?