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4K OLED Nintendo Switch With Bigger Screen Reportedly Coming Soon

New details have emerged regarding Nintendo’s next version of the Switch, which will reportedly boast a Samsung 4K OLED screen.

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Credit: Instagram.nintendoofamerica/Nintendo

The hardware has been rumoured since 2019, but Bloomberg’s latest report has elaborated on the console’s alleged specs, with details regarding the Switch’s screen and enhanced performance when in docked mode.

The “new” Switch is apparently set to feature an OLED display by Samsung, which will improve the console’s screen quality in handheld mode. As for the console’s 4K capabilities, it’ll allegedly be able to output a 4K resolution when in docked mode.

The report states that while the Switch itself is apparently getting a fancy new screen, it will still feature the same 720p resolution as the original Switch. 

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Credit: Nintendo

Nintendo has prioritised console features over performance since the Wii, which means its tech is always slightly behind. The Wii U was the first Nintendo console to feature HD graphics, despite only releasing in 2012.

The Switch’s jump to 4K doesn’t come as a surprise, but it is perhaps out of the ordinary for the Japanese powerhouse. The upgrade will treat the Nintendo Switch catalogue to a boost, but it’s hard to tell how the increased resolution will affect performance.

The Nintendo Switch is inconsistent when it comes to performance.While Nintendo does a great job of optimising its in-house games, third-party titles can sometimes be a problem.

Credit: Nintendo

The likes of Immortals: Fenyx Rising and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are known for low frame rates on the Switch, which majorly affects the experience. Of course, increased performance can be found in handheld mode, since the device runs at a reduced resolution.

While the report states that Nintendo is looking into enhancing the Switch’s “computing power”, it’ll be interesting to see how the hardware copes with 4K. Many fans that prioritise framerate over resolution would likely prefer some sort of performance mode, allowing the Switch to run at 60 FPS. Whether this will happen remains to be seen, but it’d make sense for this new Switch to be “super” in more ways than one.

Credit: Nintendo

The new Nintendo Switch is reportedly releasing before Christmas, so let’s hope that there’s plenty to go around, unlike the PS5 and Xbox Series X currently. Would you pick up a Switch with a bigger Samsung 4K OLED screen?

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