Next Dragon Age Game Suggested To Be ‘Anthem With Dragons’

The Dragon Age franchise is one that’s close to a lot of peoples’ hearts, and as fans eagerly await the release of the fourth game in the series, a new report has raised concerns.

Last year, BioWare confirmed it was working on a new Dragon Age game, but from the sounds of things we might end up with something a little less Dragon Age and a little more Anthem.

Credit: BioWare/EA

Anthem, of course, was the highly-anticipated online multiplayer from BioWare. It launched to lukewarm response earlier this year, and although it’s got some fans, it’s generally considered a bit of a let-down. For now, at least. It’d be nice to see BioWare do a Hello Games with this, and take the time to add updates and patches as the latter did with No Man’s Sky but hey-ho.

In a very interesting report from , it seems the road to Dragon Age 4 has been as rocky as the launch of Anthem, and it’s pretty worrying.

Credit: BioWare/EA

In the report, which you can read in full here, Schreier explains that the game didn’t even start off as a Dragon Age title, but instead was a smaller-scale RPG, suggesting it might have the feel of something hashed together, rather than having been created with the franchise in mind.

Schreier goes even further to get all us all quaking in our boots, saying that the new title has been rebooted with EA’s dreaded “games as service” model, which is about as far away from an RPG as you can get.

Credit: EA/BioWare

According to Schreier, the new Dragon Age will be built on Anthem’s codebase, and will supposedly include a “live service component, built for long-term gameplay and revenue.”

Schreier also claims that BioWare staff members have even been calling the game “Anthem with dragons.” Uh-oh.

Schreier, a known industry insider and a reliable source of game leaks and information, is rarely wrong. Let’s hope EA and BioWare have learned from Anthem so they don’t make the same mistakes again…

Featured Image Credit: BioWare/EA