NieR and Final Fantasy are Coming Together in a Huge Collaboration

When it was released in 2017 NieR: Automata turned out to be a critical darling and quickly became a cult classic. An action RPG that had no fear with embracing its weirder side. Now, in 2019, we’re seeing a collaboration between the NieR universe and the Final Fantasy universe like we’ve never seen before.

At the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest 2019 opening keynote in Paris it was revealed that the two Square Enix properties would be combining in a way we’ve never seen before. We’ve seen small bits of crossover with skins etc in the past but this is really something else!

Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito are working on an Alliance Raid called YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse as guest creators. Raids are intense enough in Final Fantasy XIV and having the minds behind NieR behind it means that it’s probably going to be even more insane. Not much is known at the moment but we’ll let you know more as soon as we do!

Lots of other things were announced during the keynote for the latest Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Shadowbringers. Including the long awaited inclusion of the Gunblade weapon and the reveal of the new playable race, the Viera, as seen in the likes of Final Fantasy XII.

You can find out more about what happened during the keynote by checking out our live tweet thread below.

If you’re someone that prefers video rather than reading though then we’ve got you covered too! You can check out the trailers shown off during the keynote at the bottom of the page.

It’s amazing to see how far Final Fantasy XIV has come. It recovered from its rocky launch in 2010 and has come on leaps and bounds since relaunching in 2013 with A Realm Reborn. Whether Shadowbringers impresses as much as previous expansions its hard to deny the fact that it’s ticking the right boxes for long time franchise fans. A mixture of nostalgic content and updates that grow the game. Such as New Game+, which allows you to play through old missions at your current level without making a new character. It’ll be interesting to see how it continues to grow from here.

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