The King of Twitch is no more.

Ninja Has Lost 90% Of His Twitch Subscribers In Just 10 Months

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is known for being the King of the Twitch, but it looks like his fanbase might be getting more than a little bit sick of him.

Ninja has become a household name, dominating the esports crowd, appearing on the cover of ESPN, showing up in commercials at the Super Bowl and even bringing in the new year with the crowds at Times Square, New York.

Credit: Instagram/ninja

However, Ninja’s also been caught up in a fair few scandals, with lots of people now saying his celebrity status has become a little hard to stomach.

Ninja’s shift in popularity can be seen just by comparing his subscriber numbers. He’s slipped from being the most-subscribed Twitch star to being number 11, falling behind the likes of Shroud, Tfue, DrDisrespect and Summit1g.

So, just how many people have unsubbed from Ninja? Well, his record (and Twitch’s) is an eye-watering 263,000 subscribers. Right now however, he has just over 26,000 [via Metro]. Yikes.

Credit: Instagram/ninja

Check out the list of sub numbers at TwitchStats.

Credit: Ninja

It looks like Ninja is losing favour with his audience shockingly quickly. Are you a Ninja fan?




Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ninja