Numbers Show Minecraft’s Popularity Has Surpassed Fortnite’s

Minecraft #1!

Credit: Mojang

When it comes to world domination you might think Fortnite is holding onto its position in the gaming market, but the numbers seemingly show otherwise.

In a report from Dexerto, the Google Trends stats for the past few weeks show a significant drop in interest in Epic Games’ Fortnite – whereas Mojang’s Minecraft has gone from strength to strength.

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Credit: Google

Surpassing Fortnite as a Worldwide trend, Minecraft has seen a growth for the first time since 2017.

Unfortunately, Fortnite is still ruling the Trends in North America, where Minecraft falls a little short.

There’s a few possible reasons as to why there’s been a sudden spike in interest for the game, and it starts with Mojang’s Minecraft 10th birthday celebrations.


Credit: Mojang

Last month, Mojang released the game’s biggest ever update and even made the original game playable for free in your browser, drawing in more players to the latest version of the beloved title.

Excitingly, a new Minecraft was also shown off during Xbox’s E3 2019 conference, which is sure to have whet the appetites of players.

Credit: Mojang

Entitled Minecraft Dungeons, the new game’s official description reads as follows:

“An all-new action-adventure game set in the Minecraft universe coming to Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4! Created in the classic dungeon crawler style, ‘Minecraft Dungeons’ takes players on an epic quest full of new characters and environments to discover with single player or in co-op multiplayer for up to four players — including couch co-op on Xbox One. ‘Minecraft Dungeons’ will also be available with Xbox Game Pass the same day of its global release in spring 2020.”

Credit: Epic Games

With lots of fresh content from Mojang it’s easy to see why Minecraft was able to surpass Fortnite in Google Trends.

Keep it up, Mojang! It’s about time Epic Games had some real competition…

Featured Image Credit: Mojang

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