Original 1990s Tamagotchis Are Getting The Rerelease They Deserve

Back in 1997 you weren’t a cool kid unless you had a Tamagotchi, must-have digital pets housed in pretty plastic casing.

The original ’90s Tamagotchis came over the West a year after Japan got them, and they became the hottest toy you could possibly get your hands on (before getting banned from schools, that is).

If you still feel intense guilt over the digital pet which is definitely dead by now, then don’t worry. The company behind the teeny pets, Bandai, has just rereleased a range of Gen One and Gen Two Tamagotchis that are sure to hit all the nostalgia buttons.

You can pick yourself up one of a number of the original styles, nabbing yourself a more accurately-sized £16 version, or just £10 for a miniature.

The official Bandai website states: “Calling all nineties kids! Tamagotchi’s back and better than ever!

“The original virtual reality pet can’t wait to make friends with you.  It’s just how you remember but is even smaller for more pocket-sized fun.

“Turn on your Tamagotchi then watch as it hatches from its egg. Tamagotchi acts just like a real creature and will beep to get your attention.

“Feed it, clean up after it and show it love when your Tamagotchi is unhappy. The more you love and care for it, the healthier and happier it will be. Back after 20 years, this loveable electronic pet is ready to capture your heart all over again.

“A great gift for ages eight and up.”