Overwatch 2 is making it easier to get old skins

Overwatch 2 has been implementing a lot of changes recently and it’s been revealed that it will now be easier to earn old skins. 

Blizzard is overhauling the in-game shop after concerns were raised over the price of skins from Overwatch 1. In the previous games, players had the chance to earn these skins via loot boxes (or the currency that dropped in them).

Since its sequel and the removal of loot boxes, they are now only available via currency bought from real money. This has left fans feeling cheated, especially as the skins in question are always expensive.

Overwatch Credits have been added

With the upcoming release of season 3, Blizzard have now introduced Overwatch credits. Players can earn these via battle pass progression. Additionally, they will now be reducing the costs of legendary skins in the shop. They hope these changes will make their well designed skills more attainable for players. 

In their latest blog post, Blizzard takes a lot back at season two as well as revealing their plans going forward. The post discusses new hero Ramattra as well as the limited-time event, Battle of Olympus. However, the changes coming to the Hero shop stood out the most. 

“In Season 3, we’re bringing back Overwatch Credits, which had been previously shown as Legacy Credits and been unearnable in Overwatch 2,” the post states. “Now, all players can earn up to 1500 credits as free rewards and another 500 credits as premium rewards spread throughout Season 3 Battle Pass.” 

Epic skins will always be available

In addition, they have said that nearly all of the epic and legendary-tier skins from Overwatch will be available in the shop. These can be purchased with either Overwatch coins or credit. This means you don’t have to wait for certain events, such as the Winter event, to roll around each year.

Furthermore, these skins will now be 1500 coins/credits instead of 2000. As a result, players will be able to earn these skins without having to spend real money. 

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