PETA Slammed For Using New Pokémon Wooloo To Make Statement

People aren’t happy with PETA.

Credit: Nintendo

A new generation of Pokémon will be introduced in the upcoming Nintendo Switch games, Pokémon Sword and Shield, and we’ve only met a handful of them so far.

Credit: Nintendo

In the most-recent Nintendo Direct we were also introduced to Corviknight (a steel and flying type Pokémon who can transport you around the map), Gossifleur the Flowering Pokémon, Eldegoss the Cotton Bloom Pokémon (and evolution of Gossifleur) and Drednaw, the Bite Pokémon.

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The show-stealing critter here was, of course, Wooloo. Wooloo is a sheep with wool used by merchants to create items, and she’s already stolen the hearts of the internet.

Credit: Nintendo

American animal rights organisation PETA decided to use the super-popular Wooloo to make a point on Twitter [via ComicBook], and people are seriously unimpressed.

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has weighed in on the Pokémon franchise in the past, criticising the battles in particular, and it wasn’t going to let this opportunity go to waste.


Tweeting an image of Wooloo with a sign reading “I’m not your Wooloo sweater!” edited in, PETA said: “Love the new #Pokemon, Wooloo! They have a special message for all of their future trainers #PokemonSwordShield

PETA quickly came under fire from fans accusing the organisation of pushing its agenda and questioning the moral standpoint of the controversial activists.

One user responded with a scathing re-edit of the image, calling PETA a “corrupt and disgraceful corporation.”

Another said: “You know, for being an ‘animal rights group’ y’all sure don’t understand much about them. If sheep aren’t sheered regularly, their coat gets so thick they can overheat and get really sick. It causes a bunch of other problems too.”

PETA has yet to respond to the backlash, but this is a definite oopsie on their part…

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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