Petition For Duolingo To Add Minecraft Language Has Thousands Of Signatures

These days if you want something done you need a petition to make it happen (sometimes), and a new petition to blur the lines of reality and gaming has begun to take the internet by storm.

A Minecraft fan going by the name Steve From Minecraft has taken to to appeal for language-learning app Duolingo to include the game’s Enchantment Table language.

Credit: Mojang/Telltale Games

Steve From Minecraft writes: “There are already 2 fictional languages you can learn on Duolingo. So why not add another one, the superior one?

“For example: this way we can all make memes without the normies knowing what it says. By adding the enchantment table language Duolingo would get more attention by the superior memers of the world. I hope this gets attention and the language will be added, if this doesn’t happen Shrek will become very angry!!”

Credit: Mojang

At the time of writing, the petition has amassed close to 11,000 signatures in support of the endeavour. Hopefully if it continues then Shrek won’t have to get angry…

The fictional language, otherwise known as the Standard Galactic alphabet, bears some resemblance to runic writing, and can be translated using various online sources. It would actually make a pretty good match with Duolingo, which primarily focuses on recognising symbols and sounds to help with learning a new language.

Credit: Mojang

One of the supporters writes on the website: “This is the reason god made the earth.”

Another added: “Everyone should learn how to write and type Minecraft enchantment table language.”

If you want to get involved and sign the petition you can check it out for yourself right here.

GameByte has reached out to Duolingo for comment, and we’ll update the article should we hear back.

Would you like to learn Minecraft’s Standard Galactic alphabet through Duolingo?

Featured Image Credit: Mojang