Pikmin 4 Release Date, Updates and More – Everything You Need To Know

With Pikmin 4 arriving soon, a brand-new trailer has been released showing what we can expect from the latest instalment. Here’s everything you need to know.

The Story

Pikmin 4 is the latest instalment in the much-loved Pikmin series. The real-time strategy video game follows plant-like creatures who inhabit a mystery island. It is your job to grow them, pluck them and traverse the world with their help. 

The latest instalment follows the same format of your journey alongside these Pikmin creatures. In Pikmin 4 you will also be accompanied by Oatchi the Space Dog who can smash obstacles, carry heavy objects and even carry Pikmin on his back.

YouTube video

In the newest trailer released today, we got another look at the story we can expect. Our job will be to hunt for Captain Olimar who has crash landed on the planet. As a member of the Rescue Corps, you must rescue Olimar as well as the previous team who attempted it before you.

Character Customisation 

Today also saw Nintendo reveal that the game will feature a character customisation mode. This will allow you to create your Rescue Corps member with the selection of Mii-like hairstyles, skin tones, body types and more.

The Pikmin themselves are also welcoming a new type to the team. Alongside the Red Pikmin who can handle fire and the Blue Pikmin who are excellent swimmers, the new Ice Pikmin can freeze enemies and the environment around them. 

Credit: Nintendo

Pikmin 4 Release Date

Despite first being announced way back in 2015, we are finally on the home stretch for release. Pikmin 4 will release on July 21 2023 for Nintendo Switch. 

With it being the first Pikmin instalment since the third was released for Nintendo Wii back in 2013, it has definitely been a long time coming. 

Hopefully it will live up to the hype! 

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