Players Are Recreating Their Pets In Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise players are immortalising their real-life pets in-game thanks to the title’s incredible customisation options.

In the Monster Hunter series it’s common to have a pet companion to join you on your hunting adventures, and the recently released Nintendo Switch title is no exception.

At the beginning of Monster Hunter Rise, players are tasked with creating their own companion, whether it’s a dog (Palamutes) or cat (Palicoes). The creation suite is so robust, players are able to create faithful representations of their beloved pets [via Gamesradar].

If I were to play Monster Hunter Rise, I know that I’d either create a pet based upon one of my two current cats in my family. However, players are also creating beloved pets that are no longer with them.  

As I’m sure most of us know first-hand, losing a pet is truly heartbreaking, after all, they are members of the family. I think it’s lovely that players are able to immortalise their loved ones in Monster Hunter Rise.

Players have been sharing their lovable Monster Hunter Rise recreations on forums such as Reddit, and the community has embraced the heart-warming trend.

My dog Nebin passed away 6 months ago. Now he can live on as a hunting legend,” said Reddit user mirbird.

On release day, Aeon left this world in order to greet me in another,” posted UncleMabungy.

In related Monster Hunter Rise news, a Japanese company gave their employees the day off so that they could instead play the game!

Monster Hunter Rise released for the Nintendo Switch on March 29th and has already surpassed four million unit sales!

Have you created any of your lovable pets in Monster Hunter Rise?  If so, we’d love for you to share your screenshots across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Capcom