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Player Beats Minecraft Without Taking Even One Step

Very impressive.

Credit: Mojang

Minecraft – and its millions upon millions of players – never cease to amaze the world with their limitless creativity and bizarres ways to play the decade-old title.

The latest example of absolute skill and madness in Minecraft comes courtesy of YouTuber TheHeightAdvantage [via PCGamer], who recently managed to beat the game without walking a single step.

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Credit: Mojang

TheHeightAdvantage managed to get over to and then defeat the Ender Dragon only ever using his legs to hop and climb, but this simple idea took a lot more work than you might think.

The pro Minecraft player used the unbound walking keys in his self-created world and got straight down to business collecting resources and crafting while standing in the same spot.

Credit: Mojang

From there, he crafted a boat, which can be climbed into from the adjacent block. By doing this over and over again and replacing the boat each time, the player was able to move – very slowly – across the map.


Eventually a pig is saddled and that makes things a little easier for TheHeightAdvantage, but even with ‘LittleTimmy’ helping in the quest, it’s still a long but impressive slog.

Don’t let me walk you through it though – check out TheHeightAdvantage’s efforts in his video below!

Sharing his success over on Reddit, the player told commenters that his next goal is to do all it over again – this time in Hardcore mode. Yikes.

Of course that hopefully won’t be too difficult for the player, who’s currently streaming a Hardcore run on Twitch.

Credit: Mojang

If you want to try and beat the Ender Dragon without walking then you’re in luck, as TheHeightAdvantage believes “this challenge should be possible on 99% of vanilla Minecraft worlds.”

Sadly, ‘LittleTimmy’ didn’t manage to survive. This F is for you, LittleTimmy: F.

Featured Image Credit: Mojang

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