PlayStation Congratulates Xbox On Its 20th Anniversary

In a tweet, PlayStation congratulated its rival company Xbox to celebrate the latter’s 20th anniversary. Much like the Christmas truce, it seems the console wars have finally found a ceasefire.

The official PlayStation Twitter account responded to the Xbox Twitter account, saying a simple, “Congrats on the big day!” with a party popper emoji at the end to add some flair. Xbox returned in kind, offering to play some games with their friend soon, adding a green and blue heart emojis at the end.

To be cynical about it, it’s of course just two corporations flattering each other. Ultimately, it doesn’t mean much. But hopefully it might do some genuine good.

For years, there’s been a completely unnecessary ‘console war’. It’s something that just doesn’t need to exist, and in the past has been used by both companies to drum up sales. You probably couldn’t count the number of times Phil Spencer called the Xbox One X ‘the most powerful console ever’. And one of the PlayStation 4’s taglines was ‘Where the Greatest Play’.

Of course they’re in competition with one another. But fans can take things too far. Hopefully, a simple tweet from PlayStation which congratulates their once rival Xbox might be a sign times are changing.

Competition is unnecessary. Both companies are appealing to very different audiences. PlayStation has a huge focus on big, first party titles. Whereas Xbox are all about getting as many games into players hands as possible, through backwards compatibility and the Game Pass. They’re both trying to do different things, and that’s fine! And hopefully more people will think so too.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony/ Microsoft