PlayStation Exclusive Days Gone Gets A New Open World Trailer

With so many fantastic games in 2019 it’s sometimes hard to remember that Days Gone is on a lot of people’s most-wanted lists.

The PlayStation exclusive is due to release in April this year, following a spate of delays in its launch. Finally though it looks like we’re actually going to get it, and we’ve just been treated to a brand-new trailer.


Credit: Bend Studio


Check it out for yourself below.

YouTube video

Now, Days Gone had been getting mixed reception from PlayStation gamers, with lots of people saying it’s way too late to take advantage of the zombie hype that peaked over the last couple of years.

However, the latest trailer seems to have impressed a lot of people, with fans praising it for its graphics and style.

Credit: Bend Studio


On Twitter one user wrote: “That trailer looks much boost promising than previous trailers. I mean newest trailer showed more variety of fresh atmospheres. Plus improved graphic details! Worth the longer wait. #DaysGone”

Another added: “To be honest I’m more hyped for the game that I first imagined after seeing the new trailer, the world is actually way bigger than I thought. Let us see what @BendStudio brings to us. Extremely confident.”

If, like Twitter, you’re now pretty damn excited for Days Gone, you can check out the pre-order bundle and bonuses right here.

Credit: Bend Studio

How do you feel about the game?

Featured Image Credit: Bend Studio.