Pokémon Go Feature Everyone’s Been Asking For Has Been Confirmed

Pokémon Go is finally introducing a feature we’ve been asking for since it first came out – trading.

Developer Niantic showed off the new feature at E3 last week.

According to Eurogamer, to be able to trade you’ll have to add another player to the ‘friend system’. It’s quite straight forward, as you simply have to swap a Trainer code with a friend and then send them a connection request. They can accept or reject your request, and you have to be careful about who you decide to be your friend as you’ll be initially capped at 200 friends.

You also both need to be at least level 10 and within 100m of each other. Oh, and you have to pay in Stardust. However, if you have a good friend level with the person you’re training with, this cost will be dramatically reduced.

At the E3 demo, Niantic showed an example where a 1m Stardust to trade Legendaries dropped down to 40k when you were good friends with someone.

However, you can only trade with the same person once a day.

Credit: Pokemon GO

If you want to trade legendary or shiny Pokémon (or anything that your friend doesn’t already have in their Pokédex then you need to hold your horses. This is apparently a ‘special trade, so you can only do it once per friend a day.

Plus, you also need to have high friendship level for any trades like the above.

Trading will also give you candy (yum) and will vary the stats of each Pokémon slightly when they are swapped.

Well, I’m knackered already and it’s not even launched yet. Are you excited about the prospect of trading Pokémon (finally)? Let us know in the comments. And someone give me a Charizard. Can’t look at another Pidgey again in my whole entire life – thanks.