PUBG Has Banned Over 13 Million Accounts Since The Game Launched

PUBG jumped to success after its launch back in March 2017, but it seems that PUBG Corp. has banned over 13 million accounts in just over a year.


According to official figures from PUBG’s Cafe page, over 13 million players have been banned from the game since June last year.

PUBG is becoming notorious for its cheaters, bugs and issues, with lots of people claiming the game is ‘unplayable.’

Despite pretty tight anti-cheating methods in place, it still seems that cheating is a serious problem for PUBG players.

The movement has led PUBG Corp. to create the FixPUBG movement, launching a website to keep players informed of the many patches and fixes that have been and will be implemented into the game.

The website states: “‘FIX THE GAME’

“This is a phrase that we’ve been hearing a lot lately. Bugs, performance problems,
and quality-of-life issues have been limiting PUBG’s true potential, and you want it fixed.

“So we think it’s time to do something about it.

“‘FIX PUBG’ is a months-long campaign to deliver the changes and improvements that you’ve been asking for. We’ve created a roadmap with specific details about our plans, and we intend to update it as we go, checking things off as we deliver on our promises.”

You can find out all the latest plans for FixPUBG right here.

Despite its issues, PUBG is still pulling in huge amounts of players each month, and only recently had a month where it had less than one million players on board.

It’s a game that’s known for its competition with Fortnite, as both titles share similar themes and mechanics.

However, it seems Epic Games is just going from strength to strength with its free-to-play Battle Royale mode still pulling in absolutely massive numbers.

Have you encountered any cheaters in PUBG? Have you been caught-out when it comes to cheating in the game?