PUBG Violence Laws In China Replace Killing With Waving Goodbye

China is notoriously strict when it comes to sex, violence and politics across all forms of media. Naturally, the country has taken issue with many video games over the past few years, censoring and changing content to make them ‘more appropriate’ for its citizens.

PUBG mobile is the latest game in China to get censored, and what they’ve done is as hilarious as it is wholesome.

Credit: PUBG Corp

For those who’ve never played PUBG, the premise is simple – it’s a battle royale, and there’s a lot of killing. Killing is a pretty important part of the whole thing, and you wouldn’t think it’s something you can censor out.

However, if you play PUBG mobile in China you’re going to see a lot less killing, and a lot more waving goodbye.

Yes, it’s being reported that when you ‘kill’ a player in China, you won’t see their death. They’ll just wave at you and then give you a loot box as a present.

Credit: PUBG Corp

The news spread like wildfire over on Twitter, with one user sharing a clip of the phenomenon explaining: “They changed PUBG Mobile in China to comply with stricter game violence laws. Now when you ‘kill’ someone they give you a loot box and wave goodbye and honestly it’s just so hilariously wholesome”

It’s so damn wholesome that players actually want to see this implemented in the game across the whole world.

Users are even going so far as to beg PUBG to include the feature on the desktop version of the game.

I mean, it’s not exactly a bad idea…

After all, who doesn’t like peace?!

Would you like to get waved at when you ‘kill’ in PUBG, or is this something that needs to stay in China?

Featured Image Credit: PUBG Corp