Redfall gets a new release date and in-depth gameplay reveal

Developed by Dishonored and Deathloop studio Arkane, Redfall finally gets a new release date as well as an in-depth gameplay reveal.

Along with Starfield, Bethesda’s other highly anticipated game to release this year is the vampiric co-op multiplayer shooter, Redfall. However, in May 2022, both games were delayed with no new release date in sight.

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We have Redfall gameplay and a release date!

During this week’s Xbox Developer Direct event, we were treated to a 10-minute deepdive giving us one of the best looks at the multiplayer horror shooter yet. Arkane even teased that the town of Redfall is the biggest map the studio has ever created.

Arkane promised that the map will not only be filled with main story missions but also side-missions, NPC survivors to interact with, challenging boss encounters and much more. However, if you want to take a respite from the blood-thirsty chaos, you can also chill in one of the designated safe hub areas.

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Credit: Bethesda/Arkane

Play Redfall solo or with friends

While a co-op-focused game, Redfall can be played on your lonesome as well as with up to three other friends. So it’s up to you if you want to save your town from those pesky vampires or call in a few friends. What’s more, how you approach activities throughout the map is up to you. Player choice is also a focus in Arkane’s latest game.

Redfall will also feature a skill-tree system and a unique set of skills for each of the four playable heroes. However, two additional heroes will also be included in the Redfall Bite Back Edition, but more on that later. Players will also be able to upgrade and customise their favourite vampire-hunting weapons.

Two versions of the game will be available

Credit: Bethesda/Arkane

As well as the standard edition, players will be able to pick up the Redfall: Bite Back Digital Edition. This edition will include a Hero Pass which includes two new playable heroes unlocked at a later date.

It also comes with the Throwback Outfit Pack. This DLC comes with a unique outfit and backpack for each base hero, inspired by their lives before the vampires ran rampant.

The Bite Back Edition also includes a Laser Beam multi-weapon skin and a Tactical Knife Stake attachment. Oh, and if you order this version of Redfall at retail, you will also gain a snazzy steelbook case and other stuff.

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Finally, it doesn’t matter which version of Redfall you pre-order, all will be gifted with the Vampire Hunter Pack. This includes the Grim Tide Shotgun offering a 20% damage increase for eight seconds after killing an enemy. It also comes with the Polar Vortex multi-weapon skin as well as the Blood Ravager Stake weapon attachment.

When is the Redfall release date?

Redfall will release for PC and Xbox Series X|S on May 2nd, 2023. It will also launch on Xbox Game Pass. Will you be picking up Redfall? Let us know across our social media channels.

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