Report Might Explain Why Some PS5 Fans Are Louder Than Others

If you were able to pick up a PS5 following its launch you may have experienced the console having a rather loud fan, but you also might have found a number of people praising the PS5 for its near-silent operation. So what’s the deal, and why are some PS5 fans seemingly louder than others? Well, this might be the reason why.

Sony PS5 fan
Credit: Sony

A loud fan is an issue that is not exclusive to the PlayStation 5, because even when playing games like eFootball PES 2021 it sounds like my PS4 is about to take off.

I regularly clean my console to keep it free from dust, and while the fan does go a little quieter afterwards, it soon begins to sound like a space rocket again over time.

ps5 image
Credit: Sony

So it might come as little surprise that some gamers have also been experiencing loud fans when playing some PS5 games. What is interesting though, is the fact that not all gamers have experienced this issue. (EDITOR’S NOTE: of the GameByte team, two of us have experienced loud PS5 fans, while one has not. I am very pleased to be the one who has not).

Even in our review of the PlayStation 5 we said: “Considering the size of the fan in the PS5, you’d hope it would be able to keep the console cool and quiet.”  This is particularly a problem during quieter moments of a game.

An image of both versions of the PlayStation 5, with two DualSense controllers
Credit: PlayStation

So why are some PS5 consoles quieter than others? Well, according to a report from French outlet Les Numériques [via ComicBook] it seems that some consoles have different models of fans installed. Which perhaps explains why there seems to be an inconsistency between one PS5 and another.

When the outlet stripped down two different PS5 consoles it was here that each console had different model fans.

To add, even the fan shown in the official “PS5 Teardown” video from Sony appears to have a different fan to those discovered from the French media outlet via the two consoles.

YouTube video

So if you’re ever wondering why your PlayStation 5 console is louder than your friends, it’s likely that their console has a quieter fan than yours.

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