Report Suggests Sony Might Offer Premium Tier PlayStation Plus Service

A report suggests Sony may offer a premium tier to the PlayStation Plus service, that is according to a source from the media outlet, Eurogamer.

According to the report, it’s claimed Sony might offer a more expensive tier as an alternative to the standard PS+ currently on offer. As it stands right now, there is one tier to PS+. This standard tier offers online gaming, ‘free’ games each month, discounts, and so forth.

ps plus
Credit: Sony

According to the source of Eurogamer, the reported premium PlayStation Plus tier could offer access to Crunchyroll. This could make sense, considering that Sony has just acquired the anime streaming service in a $1 billion deal.

The basic PlayStation Plus model offers decent value for money, offering an additional tier is something that many fans have been calling for. Microsoft has Xbox Live Gold which also offers access to online gaming, ‘free’ games, and discounts.

However, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is where the real money is made for Microsoft. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate not only includes Xbox Live Gold but also Xbox Game Pass, as well as EA Play.

So, if Sony could offer a premium tier which not only includes the basic PS+ but also Crunchyroll and perhaps PS Now (The closest thing Sony has to Game Pass), it will surely generate a lot of interest from PlayStation players.

Xbox game pass games
Credit: Microsoft

Though it must be said that all rumours and speculation should be taken with a pinch of salt until proven otherwise.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony