Resident Evil 2 Claire Players Are ‘More Skilled’ Than People Who Played As Leon

The newly-released Resident Evil 2 remake has gotten everyone talking, and Capcom has just revealed some pretty surprising stats about the players, their choices and their skill level when it comes to the crunch.

Credit: Capcom

Sharing a link to the stats on Twitter, the official Resident Evil account said: “Who did you choose for your first #RE2 playthrough?

“Were you #TeamLeon or #TeamClaire?

“Based on ‘s stats, it seems like everyone’s favorite rookie cop was the most popular first pick!”

That’s not the only interesting fact to come from, as it shows that the Kill-Death Rate of Leon players vs. Claire players shows a dramatic difference.

At the time of writing, Leon players boast just under 86 million kills to just over 9 million deaths. Claire players however, show just under 38 million kills against around 2.8 million deaths.

In more sensible numbers, the site shows that Leon players have a kill-to-death ratio of 9.4, whilst Claire players have a score of 13.7

At the time of writing, 79% of Resident Evil 2 players chose Leon for their first playthrough over Claire, leaving just 21% of people choosing Ms. Redfield over the apparently-fan-favourite  rookie cop.

In total, since the game’s release over 133 million kills have been logged – which is just 50 million less than the population of the USA.

Have you been playing Resident Evil 2? Which character did you pick for your first playthrough of the game?

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Featured Image Credit: Capcom.