Resident Evil Meets Chernobyl In Survival Horror, Summerford

There’s an art to true survival horror which we arguably haven’t last seen since the PlayStation 2. Games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Clock Tower are often recognised as being the best of the genre, but we haven’t really seen a full return to those wonderful days of fixed camera angles and forced perspectives.

Credit: Noisy Valley Studios

If you love your classic horror and you’re looking to sink your teeth into a new adventure then you might want to add upcoming indie game Summerford to your Steam wishlist.

Published and developed by Noisy Valley Studios, Summerford takes place in the UK nearly 40 years after a (fictitious) nuclear disaster. You’ll play as Samantha Linden, an urban explorer who takes it upon herself to check out the affected area, which remains under quarantine to this day.

Credit: Noisy Valley Studios

If that exciting premise doesn’t already have you chomping at the bit, the mechanics of the game might just sway you.

As Noisy Valley explains: “Inspired by the ‘golden age’ of survival horror classics, Summerford is a third-person action-adventure with cinematic, fixed perspective cameras and a careful mix of combat, exploration and puzzle solving.”

Though its inspirations include games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark, Summerford isn’t bound by the old-school mechanics that were often frustrating in these original titles.

“Summerford is inspired by the classics but not beholden to them,” says the official game page. “With a more accessible and subtle UI, the choice between traditional ‘tank’ and modernised controls and design, pacing and gameplay tweaks created to bring Survival Horror into the 21st century and remove much of the frustration of older games.”

Summerford is due to launch sometime towards the end of 2020, but until then, you can wishlist it on Steam here and check out the trailer below!

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Featured Image Credit: Noisy Valley Studios