A strong choice for a gaming keyboard.

GameByte Reviews: The Redragon K556 USAS LED Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

At the start of May I found myself in need of a new keyboard as my old one was getting a little too warn out to be of any use. Luckily I managed to come across this gorgeous looking keyboard from Redragon.

I have been using the keyboard on and off since I received and I am very much enjoying using it. Here are the specs for the keyboard:

  • 87 double-shot injection molded keycaps are (red) LED backlit for razor sharp lighting that doesn’t scratch off. 100% anti-ghosting and conflict-free keys.
  • Custom mechanical switches designed for longevity with greater durability and responsiveness. Mechanical keys with medium resistance, audible click sound, and tactile bump feedback.
  • Red LED backlighting can be adjusted for brightness, breathing effect, and on/off.
  • Minimalist floating aluminum chasis.
  • 12 multimedia controls on Function keys.
  • Switchable W A S D and arrow keys for specific applications and/or gaming. Windows key lockout option.
  • Built like a tank. Over-engineered metal and ABS casing and splash proof design.
  • Supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP or later operating system.

The keyboard also has RGB lighting which is a nice addition aesthetically and can also help locate certain keys when you are gaming into the night.


What I did particularly like about the K556 keyboard is that it is a fairly heavy piece of kit. I like this because while I am gaming I tend to push my keyboard around unless it is firmly planted on the table. As many of you know, when you are in the middle of a fight you want to be able to locate the correct keys as fast as possible. If your keyboard is constantly moving around your desk that isn’t easy. The grips on the bottom of the keyboard, as well as the weight of it, help to keep it firmly locked in place.

The key strokes are responsive and satisfying – I have not had a single problem with keys sticking or not working over the short time I have used it and I can see this keyboard holding up for a lot longer.

One gripe that I do have with this keyboard is that it doesn’t have a detachable cable leading to the keyboard itself. I often change keyboards as I use a different one for work. It would be a lot simpler if I could just unplug and replug the cable from the keyboard instead of from my PC. That is only a minor issue though and shows more laziness on my part than anything else!


I would love to try out a full Redragon setup and I am thinking about picking up a mouse and mousemat from them as well – Keep your eyes peeled for future gaming gear reviews.

Overall the Redragon K556-RGB USAS is a very strong choice for any gamer who is looking for a low-budget mechanical keyboard with that beautiful RGB backlighting. You can see more on the Redragon website.