GameByte Review: GSP 602 Headset

Audio in gaming is crucial during modern-day sessions. The reliance on audio quality being crisp and cleat whilst also providing a vast amount of comfort for the user is extremely desirable in the current market. Luckily, the GSP 602 delivers on all fronts and is a beautiful piece of hardware any gamer would be happy to have as a part of their set up.

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Eliminate the world around you: 

The GSP 602 promised to be noise-canceling for maximum concentration and fewer distractions. I think they over delivered on this one and may potentially be overly noise-canceling! This is not a negative point at all, well it kind of will be a negative should you live with anyone. Needless to say my housemate had to have a word… or two about me elevated voice levels, not that I knew I was being loud at all. So, in terms of if the noise cancellation works, that’s a 10/10 right there.


As for the overall sound quality of the headset, it simply cannot be faulted. So often, headsets seem to reduce the quality of the sound to increase the levels of volume and base the sets provide. Seemingly, they think people will think this is a superior way to listen to their audio, yet GSP has decided not to take that route – and it works to their advantage. Yes, they may not be as loud as some of their competitors, but the quality of the audio is second to none.  With modern-day gaming, especially in a competitive sense, the quality of your audio and what sounds your headset can pickup are a necessity. Footsteps in Battle Royale games have never sounded clearer and the gunshot sounds echo perfectly in the side of your headset corresponding to the direction the enemy fired from.

Overall, the sound quality is top-notch and the noise-canceling elements work possibly too well.

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Comfort is key: 


I feel like I may be at a slight disadvantage reviewing this section here, owing mainly to the fact that I am double crowned. No headphones ever truly sit comfortably on my noggin for a long time, which is not exactly ideal considering I like to stream games for hours on end. Despite that though, these headphones stayed cozy on my head for probably the longest period of time without having to be adjusted. They almost mold into the shape of your head and stay very comfy even during elongated gaming sessions.

The wire that connects the headphones to the PC is flexible and can deal with sudden head movements and re-adjustments. It’s a lot more flexible than any other headset I have sampled before and is ideal for someone who can’t necessarily sit in the same position for an elongated period of time.

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These headphones are a perfect addition to any collection and will complete your gaming set up. The sound quality produced is phenomenal and they are comfortable to wear even if you are double crowned and cannot stay still. The GSP 600 Series is designed for the gamer that accepts no compromise in the quality and performance of their gaming accessories. They are engineered with competitive gaming in mind and the microphone is excellent in terms of quality and noise control.


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