GameByte Review In Progress: Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers is wonderful if you’re a Marvel fan. The characters are represented in a way that perfectly captures a recognisable version of them. Whether you know them from the comics, the movies or the cartoons. Iron Man is a cocky genius, Hulk sure does smash, Black Widow is a badass, Thor is wonderful and Captain America just fills you with motivation. Then there’s Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel, also known as Kamala Harris, is one of the newer superheroes to the Marvel universe, at least in this iteration. She first appeared in comics back in 2013 and was the perfect personification of a super-fan.  She’s likeable, geeks out just like most of us do and kicks butt when needed. This is how she is presented in Marvel’s Avengers and it works perfectly, especially in the games story mode.

The story mode is driven by Kamala. Her moments of geeking out help to give exposition to those less familiar with the characters. It’s also extremely endearing. Something shown by how the other Avengers treat her. The less you know about the twist and turns in the story the better, as there’s plenty of fist pumping moments that pop up. 

Credit: Square Enix

The main thing you need to know is what has already been widely shown. The game mostly takes place after an awful event that sees the Avengers disband, Captain America vanish and huge changes in the world. The story being told about Inhumans is very similar to stories we’ve seen in X-Men adaptations in the past but that doesn’t make the mystery any less intriguing.

Marvel’s Avengers isn’t just a solo game though. It’s a game with plans to keep bringing you back. An action RPG with plenty of loot and multiplayer modes where you can team up with 3 other Avengers to beat up bad guys and level up characters. It’s in this endgame multiplayer content that time will tell if it’s got the legs to be the ambitious multi-year game the developers have planned.

Levelling up characters gets you new moves, new cosmetics and other bits and pieces. Characters control differently too. Playing as Iron Man is a completely different experience to playing as Hulk. Not only that but due to the way you can set your moves your version of that hero could be completely different to someone else’s.

Some of the areas you end up in can feel a bit repetitive but, if you enjoy the kind of game where you hunt down plenty of goodies and take down enemies then Avengers could be one for you. It’s not the most beautiful game in the world but there’s no denying that it still looks good.

Credit: Square Enix

From what we’ve played of the game it seems like something that fans of the heroes will love, even if it’s just the story mode that you play. The multiplayer elements won’t be for everyone but there’s plenty there to keep coming back to. The promise of updates post launch will hopefully keep the games community active long after launch. Our final review will be coming soon.

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix