GameByte Reviews: Alexis Floor Lamp

Creating the ultimate gaming zone is one that takes a lot of preparation and planning. Quite often people will opt for the cheap and easy option of using LED strip lights to light up their room. Sure, they do a pretty decent job for the price they are offered for, but getting that professional and perfect look takes a little more than just a strip of little lights that don’t really fully light the whole room. Enter stage left the Alexis Floor Lamp.

It is designed to create ambience and mood across the room with a click of a button. The controller itself is easy enough to use. There is a really handy colour rotation wheel on there which allows you to choose the exact colour you want the lamp to be with ease. The whole controller is touch operated as well so there’s no need to worry about faulty buttons. Simply glide your finger across the various settings and create the colourful atmosphere you desire.

Each lighting scene can be customized to suit the viewer’s unique needs and preferences. All you have to do is slide your thumb over a color wheel and the Alexis Floor Lamp will do the rest. There are some default colour settings as well which really add atmosphere to the room and allow you to have a mini light show in the comfort of your own home.

I feel these lights would be at home in any chilled room in the house, I tried them in both my bedroom and office/streaming setup area and they complimented the room perfectly. The minimalistic design of the light itself means it does not intrude in a room or take up too much space. The light produced from it as well is far brighter than many other products which provide similar lighting.

The design for the light has been inspired by the Aurora Borealis, meaning you could finally have the Aurora Borealis localized entirely within your kitchen.

Although the price could be considered quite high from neon lighting, I can 100% confirm that it is worth the money. The amount of light it produces perfectly illuminated my room and I highly recommend this light.