GameByte Reviews – FlexiSpot E5 Pro Standing Desk

What’s the most important thing you need in your gaming setup other than your console of choice? The desk. Without something sturdy and reliable for your monitor and accessories to stand on, you’re out of luck when it comes to gaming nowadays. Sure, you have the option of gaming in your living room on the big TV, but for those who want the proper PC gamer setup, a desk is the place to be. The FlexiSpot E5 Pro is the perfect choice and extremely adaptable to any user’s needs.

You ideally don’t want to be hunched over your desk for hours on end. Not only is that bad for your health and spin, it’s also not ideal for gaming as a whole. The solution to this issue? Make the desk adjustable. Desks so often come in a “one size is all you get” structure. If you don’t fit the mould then it’s tough luck. The E5 Pro has adapted to this long standing issue by making the desk height fully adjustable. It can be both raised and lowered to suit your needs. 

The legs themselves support a decent amount of weight too, so you don’t have to worry about the whole thing collapsing in on itself. The steel legs support the mahogany desk surface as well as a console, monitor, speakers and all the accessories. The maximum weight capacity is an all-around impressive 125kg. Pretty impressive right? 

Credit: FlexiSpot

The height adjustment is controlled by a small and accessible controller box that is attached to the underside of the desk. The smart controller adjusts the height of the desk and can adapt the structure from a seated to standing level of height should you choose to use it as a standing desk. There are also four programmable presets and you can manually control the desk to reach heights between 60.5cm and 126cm. There is also an easily activated child lock built-in. 

The structure of the desk allows for your cables to be easily managed as well, which I am sure is a breath of fresh air to anyone who’s had trouble with this in the past. My biggest pet peeve with computing is cable overlapping and clutter, so having this here is a massive bonus. It also means my feet are not constantly getting intertwined with cables which makes for a nice experience. 

Credit: FlexiSpot

Overall, the quality of the FlexiSpot E5 Pro standing desk is high, and the materials used to create it feel both premium and long lasting. The desk itself looks great and is available in a number of designs to adapt to your aesthetic preferences. I highly recommend adding it to your gaming setup. 

Featured Image Credit: FlexiSpot