The classic co-op puzzle game has landed on Switch: how does it stack up?

GameByte Reviews: ibb & obb (Nintendo Switch)

2013 saw the release of the charming co-op puzzle game, ibb & obb, releasing on the PlayStation 3. Since then it’s made its way to PC, and after a long, long wait, it’s finally dropped on the platform it was born for: the Nintendo Switch.

Credit: Sparpweed

If you’re not familiar, ibb & obb are the eponymous blob-like characters that you and a friend will have to guide through a myriad of levels that each get progressively more difficult. It sounds – and looks – like a very simple concept, but ibb & obb provides you with head-scratching challenges that will give even the most skilled puzzle gamer pause for thought.

You and your buddy will have to navigate some seriously tough levels as you use platforms, trampolines and what the Duffer Brothers would probably call the upside-down to reach your goal.

Credit: Sparpweed

As developer Sparpweed explains: “Fall up and jump down through 15 levels filled with double gravity puzzles and discover 8 hidden worlds that will test your new non-Newtonian skills to the maximum.”

Using gravity-based physics and lateral thinking makes ibb & obb something of a mental workout, but one that’s so utterly charming and thoroughly rewarding.

Credit: Sparpweed

It’s rare that I’ve had to put so much thought and real-life conversation into a couch co-op like this, and the immense satisfaction at finally cracking a level or working past an enemy was unparalleled.

I played ibb & obb with my husband, who’s definitely more skilled in the logical thinking department than myself. Still, ibb & obb’s many, many levels didn’t just appeal to his logical thinking, but also my try-it-and-see approach to puzzle-solving. There’s no in-game lives to keep track of or get precious about, so the title really does encourage you to let loose with your creative side.

Credit: Sparpweed

The levels themselves blend into each other pretty seamlessly, which I personally found fuelled that need to complete “just one more puzzle.” I ended up pouring more time into ibb & obb than I imagined I would, and there still seems like an incredible amount to traverse through.

Although ibb & obb originally released nearly a decade ago, you absolutely wouldn’t think it. The game hasn’t aged at all, which is probably thanks to its cute and minimal graphics, simple design and charming music. You also can’t overlook that the Switch is the perfect home for ibb & obb, whether you want to play it on the go or from the comfort of your own home. The JoyCons mean you don’t need to have extra controllers for your friend to play, which is always a great thing.

Credit: Sparpweed

Of course, the biggest downside of ibb & obb is also its main selling point: this is a game for two players. The Nintendo Switch version will support online play at launch though, which is a big plus.

If you’re looking for a two-player challenge that offers – and encourages – you to think outside of the box, then ibb & obb is a must-have addition to your Nintendo Switch library of games.

ibb & obb launches on Nintendo Switch, March 5 2020. Check it out on the Nintendo eShop right here.

Featured Image Credit: Sparpweed