Runescape Mobile – Here is What We Know So Far

The timeless MMORPG that once blessed our browsers back in the 2000’s has still been quietly improving over time and now Jagex is getting close to launching mobile versions for Runescape.

We’ve rounded up what we know about Runescape mobile so far in the article below. Turns out, there’s already a lot of information out there about when the mobile version will launch and what it will be like.

It’s For Both OSRS and RuneScape 3

If you’ve played Runescape within the past 3-4 years, you’ll know that Jagex made the decision to split their games into two communities. There are now servers for Old School Runescape and servers for RuneScape 3.

Old School Runescape is a version based off of what Runescape was like in 2007 – the terrible graphics, the old school sound effects, and the old combat system.

Runescape 3 is a more modern version of Runescape with better graphics, a combat system more in-line with other MMOs and a lot more content.

There will be two mobile versions available next year – one for OSRS and one for RuneScape 3. We’re not sure whether Jagex will release two different apps or if they’ll bundle both games into a single app. Either way, both apps will be free to download from the app store and Google Play.

It’s Cross-platform With PC

The new mobile versions are going to be running on the same versions of RuneScape as the PC client. This means that you’ll be able to log in to your PC account, complete quests, get up skills and then when you log out you’ll be in the same spot when you log in through the mobile app.

The mobile apps are essentially the same client as the desktop versions, but with some minor changes to make them more compatible with touchscreen input.

It’s Already Out In Beta

The mobile apps for both Old School Runescape and RuneScape 3 are already out in beta. Many long term players have already been invited to play the mobile beta, including us.

The Old School version is working pretty well, but so far, we can say that there’s a lot of work that needs to be done to the Runescape 3 UI and performance. More on that below.

You can register your interest for both the Old School app and Runescape 3 app on the Runescape website. So far, Jagex is looking at finding regular, experienced Runescape players to test the app.

Signups are still open but they may not be adding anybody else to the list at the moment, we’re not sure. Either way, it wouldn’t hurt to sign up just in case they release another round of beta keys.

The UI Needs Work

Because RuneScape is all about clicking, Jagex has essentially ported the PC client into a mobile app and they’re still using the majority of the PC UI.

This means that whilst you can interact with the game in the same way as you can through your PC, it’s a little difficult to manage everything on the screen at once, especially on RuneScape 3.

Jagex is working on improving the UI so that they are more optimized for mobile usage, but we’re still curious to see how they could make the experience more fluid for those on smaller displays.

It may be that Runescape mobile is better on tablets and phones with larger displays. Thankfully, the majority of new smartphones these days have large screens anyway. If you’re using an older smartphone, you may have some issues.

Performance Isn’t Great

If you are using an older smartphone, you may have difficulty running Runescape on your device. We know that the Runescape apps are still in beta, but the game will be quite graphically demanding, even when the app is fully optimized.

Performance on Runescape 3 is likely to be worse than Old School Runescape performance, so if you really want to play Runescape on your phone but don’t have a very good device, you could always play OSRS instead.

Old School Is Coming Early 2018

There isn’t a confirmed release date yet, but Jagex has said that they’d like to get Old School fully released in early 2018.
The release date for Runescape 3 is even vaguer, but it should follow some time after the launch of Old School.

The release window for both apps may change, but it’s likely that they’ll both get a full launch at some point in 2018. Hopefully, sooner rather than later.

Already Play Runescape? Here’s What To Do

Many players are speculating that the release of Runescape mobile will grow the player base massively. We’ve already seen how successful MMO games can be on the app store – take the recently released Lineage 2: Revolution as an example.

If you play Runescape regularly and have any spare cash right now, it may be wise to invest some gold in some items. If there is going to be an influx of players, it’s likely that the demand for some items will go up.

The influx of players will also the supply of items will also go up, so many low level items aren’t likely to budge in price. Investing in items that are harder to claim at lower levels may be a wiser move.

Doing boss fights to get drops may prove to be more profitable. It will take a long time for the influx of new players to get a high enough level to fight the bosses themselves, but not as long as it would take them to use the items the bosses drop.

This should theoretically create a short period where there’s an increase in demand and a lack of supply increase to match it.


With Runescape being one of the most AFKable games in MMO history, it makes sense for it to be in the app store. We can’t wait to see it hit the digital app store shelves. Are you excited about Runescape mobile?