Sea Of Thieves Season 5 Brings A Treasure Trove Of Updates

Sea of Thieves’ Season 5 is coming this week, bringing a plethora of new updates, ranging from new equipment to quality of life changes.

Get ready to set your sails once more, because Season 5 is coming to Sea of Thieves December 2. The update was shown off on the official Sea of Thieves YouTube account, where it detailed a huge number of new additions to the game.

You can now rebury any treasure you plunder on your adventure. With it, you get a custom map so that you can find it once again. Or alternatively, you can post your map on the new quest board, where other pirates can search for it. 

YouTube video

shiver me timbers

Fireworks and flares have been added to the game too. While fireworks are mostly just for show, flares can be used to light up a dark island, or send a warning signal.

One of the best additions is definitely the fact you can sit down. Players can perch at the end of their ships’ plank, or at a table with some grog in hand. You’ll also find rats on your ship now, which might scurry to the upper decks if you’re flooding. Don’t worry if you don’t like the furry friends, they can be turned off in the options menu.

There’s tonnes of new equipment, outfits, and emotes to unlock too, including Christmas themed outfits, and a Pirates of the Caribbean Barbossa costume too. And a small but welcome change is the fact your pirate’s mouth moves when you’re talking in game. Sea of Thieves Season 5 update is packed full of new things to do and find, so make sure you get your cannons ready before it drops this week.

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Featured Image Credit: Rare