SEGA Could Be Re-Launching Its Theme Parks Worldwide

In a way, things have never been better for SEGA. Not only has its iconic mascot managed to become a live-action movie star, but it’s also a prominent force within the video game publishing scene. However, according to Sonic YouTuber Badnik Mechanic, SEGA has its sights set on the theme park industry. Step aside, Nintendo!

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That’s right: SEGA is apparently planning to revive its global theme park business. In a video discussing SEGA’s potential business plans, Badnik Mechanic reveals that the publisher has entered into an MOU (non-legal agreement) with CA Technology Group.

The agreement itself appears to relate to a business venture that would aim to launch theme parks in the likes of the UK, Europe and North America [via NintendoLife].

Sega World
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If you’re old enough to remember the ‘90s, then you’ll perhaps recall that SEGA had a chain of SEGA World theme parks. Unfortunately, while SEGA World still exists in Japan, its international chains were short-lived. As a result, SEGA world is currently exclusive to Japan and exists as a VR focused experience. 

Sonic Colors Trailer
Credit: SEGA

As detailed in Badnik Mechanic’s video, a report by CA Technology indicates that “The group is planning to develop CA SEGA JOYPOLIS in different places over the world with several partners in the PRC and the overseas”. The report also states that the group is aiming to select a new location in the UK “within approximately half a year”. This means that SEGA could announce a new UK theme park by the end of 2021!

It’s worth mentioning that while SEGA is definitely up to something theme park-related, it isn’t exactly clear what the result will be. While you’d hope that SEGA is aiming to create an experience similar to Super Nintendo World, there’s nothing so far to suggest the park will be themed around video game franchises. 

super nintendo world
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Hopefully, SEGA will reveal more about its theme park plans within the coming months. While the pandemic has taken its toll on the amusement park industry as a whole, perhaps SEGA can find success within the industry as global restrictions begin to ease. Let’s hope there are chilli dog stands!

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