7 Must Have Items For Mobile Gaming On The Go

Thanks to the wonderful power of modern technology, gaming is no longer limited to our couches. Armed with little more than a mobile phone, we can take our virtual worlds virtually anywhere these days.

While you’ll likely get by with just a phone, you can enhance your mobile gaming experience with just a few key accessories. Here are five must have items that are ideal for players who like to take their games on the go.


Most mobile games come with robust touch screen controls that’ll see you through, but a good Bluetooth controller will make your life so much easier. Nothing beats having physical buttons, triggers, and joysticks to control your onscreen movement.

There’s plenty out there to choose from. The Razer Junglecat offers a mobile controller for Android and iOS that essentially turns your mobile device into a Nintendo Switch. It holds your device in the centre of the two control pads, placing your phone’s screen directly in the centre of the action.

Besides that, iOS and most Android devices are capable of receiving input from Xbox and DualSense/DualShock controllers. If you have one lying around from another console, you should be good to go by connecting it via Bluetooth!

Phone Grip

If you do end up using a standard console controller, you’ll need something to hold your phone in the right position. One option is to use a grip that clips onto your controller (Amazon). These merge your controller with your device to create an all in one portable gaming machine.

Alternatively, you can invest in a small grip for the back of your phone. This handy little gadget will prop up your device in almost any position imaginable. It’s perfect for setting up your device on something like a table while riding public transport. 

It has its uses for while holding your phone normally, too! You’re much less likely to drop your phone with the handy finger loop on the back. You don’t want to be breaking your device while scrambling to nab that Jigglypuff in Pokemon Go!

Bluetooth Headphones

The outside world is full of hustle and bustle, especially when playing games on public transport. To block out everyone else, it’s worth investing in some Bluetooth headphones, especially as audio jack ports are getting rarer and rarer on mobile devices. Ideally you want some with active noise cancellation. You can also look at earbuds such as the EPOS GTW 270 and the Razer Hammerhead.

As is the case with controllers, most mobile devices will accept a connection with any Bluetooth audio input, so there’s plenty of options to choose from. You can even use a general gaming headset in some cases so make sure to check out the range of gaming headsets on the GameByte Shop.

Alternatively, the Apple AirPod Pros (Amazon) offer excellent noise cancelling and fit super comfortably in your ear. Especially during these hot summer months, they’re much more preferable to wearing a full on headset while out and about.

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Mobile Cooling Fan

With it being particularly warm this time of year, your smartphone is bound to run into some thermal issues on those long gaming sessions. Some gaming focused phones now come with built in fans to help control temperatures, but there are ways to add fans to your own phone too.

There are plenty of wireless fans available online that can clip to the back of your phone. These will help pipe air through to the back of your mobile device, keeping it cool and the frame rates high. This one that we found even has a built in battery bank to prolong your gaming sessions even further (Amazon).

Powerbank and Charging Cables

When out exploring the wilderness that lies beyond our front door, you’re never guaranteed to find a charging point. For that reason, it’s best to carry around a portable power bank and the right charging cables whenever possible.

Anker offers huge power banks that are capable of charging your phone more than four or five times over (Amazon)! These usually come at a higher price, though, and can be bulky to haul around. Smaller sizes are also available that can be stored in trouser pockets – much more comfortable!

Make sure you’ve got the right cables with you, too! This PlayStation USB C cable will charge most Android devices, though some older devices might require a Micro USB connector. Apple devices, begrudgingly, still need a Lightning cable.


You’re all set to go and play games on to go, but first you need some games to play! The Google Play Store and iOS App Store are filled to the brim with popular choices, but did you know that it’s also possible to play Xbox and PlayStation games on the go these days?

If your wireless connection is strong enough, the Xbox Cloud Gaming beta and PlayStation Now services can let you play console games from wherever you like. Both services require a paid subscription to use and offer you a large library of games to dig into. If you’re looking for somewhere to begin, we’ve broken down a few Xbox Game Pass games that are perfect to get started with.

Hat and Sunscreen

These aren’t gaming related, but they’re definitely something you should take with you while out gaming on the go, especially in the sun. It’s easy to forget that us gamers burn quite easily when exposed to the first sunlight in months. Especially given the absurd heatwaves that the UK has experienced recently, taking a hat and sunscreen will protect you from burning and overheating in the blistering sun.

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