Skyrim Co-Op Mod Is Unlikely To Ever Be Playable

Earlier this year Skyrim fans were thrown into a tizzy when it was announced that the highly-ambitious mod created to turn Skyrim into an online multiplayer was going into beta.

As promised, Skyrim Together went into a (closed) temporary beta, and was playable for the project’s Patreons.

Credit: Bethesda

Unfortunately, it looks like the team behind Skyrim Together might be throwing in the towel, according to a now-removed post on Reddit [via Forever].

One game dev responded to a thread called “Is something going to happen?” and they seemed seriously p*ssed off.

The dev, going by the username Maxgriot, reportedly commented: “we don’t owe the community anything.”

They then also said that updates to the mod happen “if [the devs] feel like spending time doing it.”

Credit: Bethesda

The dev then went on to comment that the team is “NOT making this for the community,” before lashing out and branding the players as “toxic.”

“The community has been so toxic we even considered saying ‘f*ck it’ and [giving] up, or [carrying on] but never [releasing] anything to the public,” wrote Maxgriot. “We are making this for ourselves because we think it’s a very fun project to work on and we learn a ton doing this.

“People leaving is the least of our concern as they will come back when it’s released, we aren’t trying to build a community. Please let us be and do things the way we want.”

The saddest thing about Maxgriot’s comments is that it’s believed that Patreons are contributing thousands to the project each month, with PCGamesN reporting that the figure of donations sits at around $18,000 per month.

It’s definitely NOT a nice way to speak to the fans that are giving so much to the project.

Credit: Bethesda

If you had hopes of playing Skyrim Together, then you might need to find another online multiplayer a go. It looks like it’s not going to be publicly playable anytime soon…

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda