Someone’s Selling A Copy Of PS1 Resident Evil For $4500 

There are probably lots of people in the world who would describe the experience of playing the first Resident Evil game as ‘priceless,’ but we imagine not too many of those people would pay the $4500 price tag one eBay seller is looking for. 

An eBay seller by the name of bighedkingpin is selling a sealed copy of Resident Evil for the PlayStation 1 for nearly $5k, but before you start looking in your games collection for your old copy, this one is asking for such a high price because it’s absolutely mint condition.

The 1996 title is complete in sealed plastic packaging and it’s been rated as ‘GM’ – meaning it’s been graded as ‘Gem Mint condition’ – and it’s potentially one of the last sealed copies of this game left in existence. 

If the $4500 price tag is a little steep to fork out all in one go, you can purchase the game and pay it off in monthly instalments – working out at just a mere $188 for 24 months. 

The original Resident Evil isn’t the only sealed title on offer from the seller, with Final Fantasy 2 for the SNES, a few Mega Man titles and Super Mario Kart just to name a few of the gems up for grabs.

Sealed mint condition games like these would make an amazing addition to any gaming addict’s collection – just make sure you don’t take them out of the box! 

It’s not the first time an incredibly expensive game has cropped up on the auctioning website, but this is an item that wouldn’t look out of place in a gaming museum.

Hopefully Resident Evil – and the seller’s other titles – will find their way into the deserving hands of fans of the franchises.

Do you have any rare games in your video game library? Or are there any you’d love to get your hands on?