Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Director Discusses Sequel

The live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie released earlier this year, and it surprised the world by actually being a lot of fun. Following in the footsteps of Detective Pikachu, the two movies have begun to shift opinions that video game-related movie adaptations are always awful.

Paramount has yet to confirm that a Sonic sequel is happening, but with the mammoth box office success that the flick saw, it’s hard to imagine it not happening. (Admittedly, with the current global situation as it is, it’s hard to imagine any new projects getting green-lit right now, but we’ll see).

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Despite there being no formal word from the powers that be, it seems that the movie’s director, Jeff Fowler, is totally on board with a return to the character.

Speaking with USA Today, the director said: “…nothing would bring me more happiness than getting another shot with these characters and to tell more stories. We’d love to do more with the Sonic cinematic universe.”

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Rumours of a Sonic 2 have been circulation for a while now, with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson being a firm favourite to take on a role in the movie’s sequel.

Back in February, Neal McDonough, (who plays Major Bennington in the film) spoke of a huge movie star joining the franchise, and he hinted very heavily at The Rock’s potential appearance.

Whilst speaking to a panel at FAN EXPO Vancouver, McDonough said:

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“There was just a little one thing for everybody — there have been grownup jokes that might sneak in there that we’d get, and the youngsters wouldn’t get, [and] there could be jokes that the youngsters could be getting that we as adults typically wouldn’t essentially get — so it was just a little bit for everybody,” he mentioned. “And I feel what they did with Sonic, he regarded so nice, it was a throwback to what the game was and I feel they actually nailed it. I feel that’s why it’s the biggest film on the planet now,

“I’m thinking ahead to part two,” McDonough continued. Then, maybe half-serious, he added, “Actually, I’ve already heard rumblings that The Rock is going to be [in it]. The Rock is in every sequel, by the way.”

Credit: SEGA

I’m down for anything The Rock is in!

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