Sony Confirms the PlayStation 5 Won’t Support 1440p

Sony has confirmed to IGN Italy that the PlayStation 5 console will not support a native 1440p. This will impact many gamers with a PC set-up.

In most cases, this will not impact 4K TV owners. Even 1080p owners should be okay, for that matter.  However, the issue lies with those that own a monitor with a 1440p output, in particular, those that refresh at 120Hz.

ps5 motherboard
Credit: Sony

IGN Italy reached out to Sony to clarify whether it was true that the PlayStation 5 would not support native 1440p monitors. After receiving confirmation the media outlet stated: “Sad news for all PC gamers interested in buying PS5. Apparently, the new console won’t support 1440p resolution.

Okami, a writer at Respawnable also shared the news that will surely disappoint many gamers. They state: “IGN Italy says the PS5 won’t support 1440p”. This is despite the feature being a popular request.

While this news will disappoint many, it shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise. Even the PS4 Pro didn’t support native 1440p monitors. Instead, it up-scaled the image from 1080p. Those playing on 1080p, 4K and even 8K TV’s should all be catered to and will experience no issues. The PlayStation 5 is set to be Sony’s quietest console ever, so perhaps this scaling up contributes to that?

What Does This Mean For PlayStation 5 Graphics?

Split screen of playstation 5 and miles morales
Credit: Insomniac Games/Sony

Don’t get us wrong, the PlayStation 5 consoles will still work on 1440p monitors. It just won’t be in its native resolution. Instead, it will be up-scaled and won’t provide quite as crystal-clear visuals as intended.

Regardless, the PlayStation 5 skipping native 1440p monitors is still an odd oversight. Most fans would have expected this resolution support, especially as the PS5 console supports HDMI 2.1 and 120Hz.

The PlayStation 5 releases next week on November 12th in North America and Australia. It releases everywhere else on November 19th.

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