Potential PlayStation handheld named ‘Q Lite’ leaked

New leaks reveal that Sony may be working on a new PlayStation gaming handheld, possibly titled the Q Lite. Here’s what we know about it so far.

It has been many years since Sony released a handheld and since the PlayStation Vita got discontinued, we are due a new unit. With both the PSP and Vita having a large player base, they still got overtaken by Nintendo DS and 3DS sales. 

However, with a handheld that could be based around the PS5’s remote play feature, it could be a popular release. 

The Playstation Leaks

These leaks come courtesy of Insider Gaming who have reported that “a new PlayStation handheld is in development.

Codenamed the Q Lite, the next PlayStation handheld is the next piece of Sony hardware that aims to be yet another piece of hardware that requires the PlayStation 5.”

This follows on from recent reports from industry insiders Jeff Grubb and Tom Henderson that Sony’s next handheld device would be a PS Remote Play device. This means that the unit won’t offer much in terms of local gaming but will instead rely on the remote play feature.

Photograph of the PSP which was the past handheld available by PlayStation before it was discontinued
Credit: Push Square

What can we expect from the new Handheld device?

Insider Gaming’s report claims that the device currently resembles a PS5 controller with an 8-inch LCD touchscreen in the center. The Q Lite will also make use of the PS5’s haptic feedback feature. 

The report also reveals that the handheld is in its QA phase and is “scheduled to release before the PlayStation 5 Pro and after the Detachable Disc Drive PS5.” The PS5 Pro has been rumoured to have a holiday 2024 release.

With Sony working on a PlayStation Showcase, we can expect it to be a show full of upcoming releases. We will also hopefully learn more about this potential Q Lite.

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