South Park Has Been Renewed For Even More Seasons

Thank you, Satan!

Credit: Comedy Central

It’s fantastic news for those who love crude, vulgar and hilarious comedy, as the one and only South Park has officially been renewed for another three seasons by Comedy Central. Hooray!

Thirty new episodes will be delivered by show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, making it the the second longest-running animated series in the history of the American cable TV network with 327 episodes, putting it just behind The Simpsons.

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Credit: Comedy Central

“Apparently, our efforts to get our own show canceled have fallen short”, show creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone joked in a press release. 

“Luckily, we love Comedy Central and Kent [the President of the network, ed.] and our staff so we are looking forward to new cancellation opportunities in the next few years.”

Credit: Netflix

This news comes just after Netflix dropped the exciting news that you would now be able to watch South Park on the streaming app.


Unfortunately for SP fans, the streaming service isn’t releasing every season of the show. Season one and seasons 18-21 will be available at the end of the month, along with a “collection of top episodes,” including fan favourites, creator favourites and some loved by the critics.

Credit: Comedy Central

That’s great for those who don’t have Amazon Prime of course, but every single episode of South Park is available on Amazon Video.

Amazon Prime actually used Netflix’s announcement to casually meme on the news, sharing an image comparing the two streaming giants.

Well played, Amazon Prime. Well played. However, don’t let that put a dampener on your spirits, Netflix users! Some South Park is better than no South Park.

It’s time to add September 27th into your calendars, because you’ll be able to watch one of your favourite shows on Netflix. Not too bad, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Comedy Central

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