Spider-Man Developer Reveals Easter Egg That No One Ever Noticed

A Spider-Man developer has revealed an Easter Egg in the game that no one has ever noticed before.

Taking to Twitter, Elan Ruskin wrote:

One fan quickly commented: “Wait how can you tell if it’s Saturday in-game?” Ruskin replied: “Real-life Saturday. It checks the clock on your PS4.” No way!

Not everyone seemed to understand the Easter egg. One fan asked if someone could explain, so another helpful gamer replied: “Orthodox Jewish people don’t do any work on Saturdays to honor Gods day of rest. It’s so extreme to the point where they won’t even leave the house or even cook food (meals are pre-prepared). So they don’t show up in the game on Saturdays (I think that’s what he’s implying).”

It seems that people loved this insight so much that he continued:

How cool is that?!