Star Wars Jedi Survivor accessibility options

EA has revealed the accessibility options that will be available for Star Wars Jedi Survivor when it launches this Friday. 

In a blog post released on the EA website, Jonas Lundqvist, the senior director of development, spoke about how the accessibility options have improved greatly since Fallen Order. 

With options including a Slow Mode, difficulty settings, subtitles and visual aids and more, it appears Jedi Survivor will have a focus on accessibility. 

Star Wars Jedi Survivor accessibility options

Slow Mode will allow players to slow down in-game actions to make combat a lot easier to handle. Additionally, you can select it to be auto-activated purely for combat. 

Control Customisation allows players to fully remap their controls if they wish.

Subtitles and closed captions can be modified to suit your needs, even allowing you to select how and when you want to see them. 

Visual settings include HUD scaling, colour settings, stabilising UI dot, colour blind option, camera shake toggle and more. 

Gameplay modifiers can be adjusted throughout the game and include camera options for auto-targeting, button mash options, hold/pull toggles and navigation assist. 

Difficulty options will give players access to five different difficulties. 

Difficulty settings for Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Credit: EA

Options to be added post-launch

Morgan Baker, EA’s Program Lead for Accessibility spoke about the accessibility options available for Star Wars Jedi Survivor

“At Electronic Arts, we strive to reduce and eliminate unnecessary accessibility barriers so that everyone can enjoy our games. Respawn showcases a true dedication to our accessibility commitments in Jedi: Survivor by considering accessibility from the start, making it a core part of their design process, and listening to the community.’

With this knowledge, EA will continue to add accessibility options post-launch to make sure all their players have an enjoyable experience.

Credit: EA

“By embracing the disability community mantra, ‘Nothing About Us Without Us,’ accessibility champions from Respawn gathered direct community feedback to inform their accessibility design choices and options.” Morgan continues. “We realize that creating accessible player experiences is a never-ending journey though, and I am proud of the team’s progress and ceaseless dedication.”

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