Star Wars Jedi Survivor releases new story trailer

The upcoming Star Wars Jedi Survivor has just received a brand new story trailer. Let’s take a look at what’s new for the upcoming action-adventure game.

With just over a month until release, a new trailer has just dropped for Star Wars Jedi Survivor. This version gives us a sneak peek at what the next adventure has in store for us. After five years, we get to see what has been going on with Cal Kestis and the crew. Also, a fan-favourite may be making a big appearance.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Merrin Returns?

Said fan favourite, Merrin has made her presence known in the latest story trailer. We can now confirm that after the events of Fallen Order, Merrin has been honing her skills and is now very skilled thanks to her connection with the Force.

Screenshot of Merrin and Cal Kestis from the new Star Wars Jedi Survivor story trailer
Credit: EA

Appearing donned in a brand new fit, this Nightsister has seemingly come on leaps and bounds since joining Cal and the crew in the prequel. Now joining up against the Galactic Empire, this is unusual for others of her kind. The Nightsisters are notoriously aligned with the Dark Side with their strange link to the Force.

However, Merrin is the opposite and now appears to be using her Force for good. Appearing just past the one minute mark of the new trailer, she appears alongside Cal as they make their plans to defeat the Empire.

Although this doesn’t confirm if she will play a large part in the sequel, it’s still exciting news for her army of fans. 

YouTube video

What else is new?

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor shows new environments, combat gameplay and the characters who will be with (and against us) on our adventure. On that note, it also appears that we will be facing more dangerous foes than the standard Stormtroopers. 

For eagle-eyed fans, the trailer features some robes and an orange-bladed lightsaber which could hint at the ex-Temple Guardians making a return. 

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