Star Wars Outlaws Will Have A Detailed Reputation And Wanted System

In a recent interview with GamesRadar+, Star Wars Outlaws creative director revealed that the game will have an intricate reputation system. 

Since it was first announced this weekend, hype surrounding the upcoming open-world Star Wars game is building. 

Featuring protagonist Kay Vess living during a time where the Empire has its most power, she must do what it takes to survive in a lawless land. Even if this means cosying up with some criminal syndicates.

Protagonist Kay Vess from Star Wars Outlaws which will feature a detailed reputation and wanted system.
Credit: Ubisoft

Star Wars Outlaws Will Have A Detailed Reputation System

For narrative director Navid Khavari, he wanted the development to focus on the idea that “you live or die by your reputation.”

As a result, every action has a consequence in the universe. Stealing from the Pyke faction will lower your overall standing with them and going against the Imperial Officers will get you noticed by the Empire as a whole. 

“The reputation system really allows you as a player to craft your own matrix of relationships with the criminal syndicates,” says creative director Julian Gerighty for GamesRadar+.

All of the missions that you complete and the decisions that you make will play into that. It allows you to build different relationships with factions like the Hutts or the Pyke.”

Credit: Ubisoft

As your reputation changes with your actions, so will your access to opportunities. Not only that but you will also become more notorious the further you go. As a result, shooting your way out of situations isn’t always the best approach to take (even if the blaster looks a lot of fun). 

Luckily, our main character can also use her street smarts and sass to get out of trouble. “A scoundrel needs to use their voice to get out of situations too,” says Gerighty.

A Wanted System

Much like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, Star Wars Outlaws will also feature a wanted system. Whether Kay becomes a fugitive to the Empire or on the wrong side of the Pykes, she will become wanted.

“The Empire are our space cops, so how do you usually get away from a ‘Wanted’ level in other types of games? You could lay low and wait until the heat goes down so that you’re not ‘Wanted’ anymore, or you can get rid of the problem; if there are three Imperials, you get rid of the three Imperials!” Gerighty explains. 

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