Stray poncho: How to get it and fix the tracker

Getting the Stray poncho in the titular cat sim is crucial to progress to the later stages of the slums area. Here’s our full guide:

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Why do I need the Stray poncho?

Players will meet a robot named Elliot before finding out he’s too cold to help until he warms up a little. Now that we know that robots can feel the temperature and only cats will survive judgement day, let’s look at how we can help Elliot.

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Starting the quest:

  1. Speak to Granny

    She’ll be the NPC giving us the poncho, although she’ll be needing some electric cable first.

  2. Speak to Azooz

    This NPC merchant sells electric cable, but he’ll only trade it for some Super Spirit Detergent. Players should then head for the laundromat, although they’ll find it closed on arrival

  3. How to get into the laundromat

    Head to the rooftops to find two robots throwing paint tins over a gap. The key here is to distract the paint-throwing robots so they drop a can on paint. This will then prompt the laundromat owner to come out and clean up the mess.

    If players stand on the left-hand side of the paint-throwing robot and meow just as it’s about to throw, they will trigger the aforementioned chain of events.

  4. Find the Super Spirit Detergent

    Once players manage to sneak past the laundromat owner and into the building, they’ll be able to search for the Super Spirit Detergent. This can be found on the windowsill to the left of the door.

  5. Grab the poncho

    Head back to Azooz to trade the Super Spirit Detergent for the electric cable. Then travel back to Granny for a freshly knitted poncho in exchange for the electric cable.

  6. Speak to Elliot

    After giving the stray poncho to Elliot, he will state that he can fix something for the player if needs be. Players should then continue to give Elliot the Tracker to fix, allowing them to track the Doc.