Superfan Has Remade The Original Far Cry And It’s Beautiful

The first Far Cry game was a work of genius, and although the series has come pretty far from its original roots, we’d still definitely love to see FC1 get a little love, maybe in the form of a remake or a remaster perhaps? After all, it’s been over fifteen years since the first title in the series launched…

If that’s a wish that you’ve also shared then you’re in luck, because one Far Cry superfan/budding developer has been hard at work recreating the first game in the series using CryEngine 5.

Credit: Crytek/Ubisoft

YouTuber and talented developer 2Key [D. Ray] has faithfully amped-up the classic title, and though it’s a little rough around the edges, it’s definitely a fan project that’s worth keeping both eyes on.

Check out the build so far in the video below [via TheGamer]!

Sadly, we might not actually ever get to play this beast of a project – at least according to the person behind it all.

In an update on the game’s website, the developer writes [translated via Google Translate]: “Do not expect that the project will be released at all when it is finished.

Credit: Crytek/Ubisoft

“It will simply NOT really end. I started this project as a work for a portfolio. I did not plan to do everything else besides lvl design. But later there was an idea to finish a couple of cards and give the project to people. What will they do next, filling it with everything else: animations, characters, trigger, and so on. I can’t do everything myself guys.”

If this looks like a project you’d love to get involved in, check out the website for more details right here.

As with all fan projects, we really hope Ubisoft doesn’t take any issues with the development of a fan Far Cry 1 remake…

Featured Image Credit: Crytek/Ubisoft