Survive The Alaskan Wilderness With Your Pack Of Huskies In ‘The Red Lantern’

If you’re looking to be leader of the pack and care for your team of sledding huskies then upcoming indie gem The Red Lantern is one game you’ll need to add to your most-wanted list.

Credit: Timberline Studio

Developed and published by Timberline Studio, The Red Lantern will see you traverse the wilds of Alaska with your five faithful friends in tow. It’s up to you to keep them safe and sound as you experience all the true beauty – and terror – that the wilderness has to offer.

You play as a character known as The Musher, a hero looking to “train a dog sledding team and start a new life” on a journey that will see her heading home. You’ll need to “navigate the ever-changing landscape and events in the Alaskan wilderness as you find your way home,” in what’s described as a narrative adventure with roguelike elements.

Credit: Timberline Studio

With hundreds of different events to experience you’ll have your hands full as you fend off everything from bears to frostbite. There’s even a potential to be licked by a moose, which is definitely making The Red Lantern a Game of the Year contender for me!

Coming to both PC and Nintendo Switch, The Red Lantern promises to be resource management at its finest, and look! Cute dogs who you can bond with!

Credit: Timberline Studio

We’re expecting lots of dog petting in this one, though be warned, should you fail to protect your companions, they can actually “cross the rainbow bridge” which definitely is going to cause more than a few tears.

The Red Lantern will be coming to the Epic Games Store and Nintendo Switch in Fall 2020. If you haven’t yet seen the game trailer, check it out in the video below!

YouTube video

Featured Image Credit: Timberline Studio