T-Series ‘Seeking Court Order’ To Get PewDiePie’s Diss Tracks Off YouTube

Bollywood corporation T-Series is looking to take legal action against Swedish YouTube superstar, PewDiePie, according to reports.

Entertainment and law website IPRMENTLAW, says that T-Series has approached Delhi High Court in the hopes of getting PewDiePie’s diss tracks, B*tch Lasagna and Congratulations pulled from YouTube.

Credit: Instagram/PewDiePie

A copy of the alleged court order is currently making the rounds online [via Dexerto]. It seems to show that the court ruled in favour of T-Series’ complaint that Pewds’ songs were “defamatory, disparaging, insulting, and offensive.” It also added that comments appearing on the videos were “abusive, vulgar, and also racist in nature.”

The court order’s legitimacy has yet to be verified, with only IPRMENTLAW citing it as evidence. The case itself is definitely real, though.

It’s currently listed as a pending case on the Delhi High Court’s website, which suggests that the alleged court order that’s making the rounds online isn’t real.

In his new ultra-viral song, Congratulations, PDP sings of T-Series: “Let me educate you, silly, that’s not defamation,

“‘T-Series can eat a d*ck.’ Still not defamation,

“‘Suck my f*cking Swedish meatballs.’ Still not defamation,

“‘Did you know that Indians are poo-poo in their brain?’ ‘That’s a blatant racist lie!’ ‘Yeah, but still not defamation.'”

Credit: PewDiePie

PewDiePie has yet to comment on the apparent legal battle, but the lyrics in Congratulations are clearly satire, as PDP also mocks his own accusations of white supremacy.

Pewds’ fierce fanbase has its claws out over the lawsuit, with Twitter being flooded with anger at T-Series.

Credit: PewDiePie

One PDP fan tweeted: “@TSeries i would recommend dropping the removal of @pewdiepie, it won’t stand up in court and whenever legal stuff comes in you are basically saying to the 9 year olds that they should subscribe, because @TSeries can’t take jokes.”

Others tried to find light in the situation.

Can someone get Gloria Borger on the phone please? We have a Pew News emergency on our hands…

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/PewDiePie